2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
    May 28, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Board of Trustees

Mrs. Erica Woods, Chair
Little Rock, AR
Term expires 2024

Mrs. Laura Winning,Vice-Chair
Little Rock, AR
Term expires 2025

Mr. Nathan Evers, Secretary
El Dorado AR
Term expires 2026

Mr. Jason Sullivan
Mena, AR
Term expires 2027

Mr. Monty Harrington, Chair
Magnolia, AR
Term expires 2028

Administrative Officers

Trey Berry, BA, MA, PhD

David J. Lanoue, BA, MA, PhD
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Donna Y. Allen, AA, BSE, MS, EdD
Vice President for Student Affairs

Roger Giles, BA, MA, JD
Vice President for Administration and General Counsel

Josh Kee, BS
Vice President for Advancement

Shawana Reed, BBA, MB
Vice President for Finance

Administrative Staff

Sarah Adcox, BA, MEd
Director, Mulerider Activity Center

Mike Argo, BS, MS
Director, Information Technology Services

Abdel Bachri, BS, MS, PhD
Dean, College of Science and Engineering

Carey Baker, BS, MEd
Dean of Students

Haley Bell, BA
Executive Director, Alumni Relations

Steve Browning, BSE, MEd
Director, Athletics

Britta Clark, BBA, MEd
Director, Concurrent Education

Delton Duke, BS, MS, MLS, EdD
Director, Magale Library

Victor Duke, BS, MS
Director, International Student Services

Sheryl Edwards, BBA, MBA
Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Assistant to the President

Cheryl Goodheart, BA, MEd
Director, Counseling Center

Daniel Grimmett, BS
Assistant Director, Information Systems and Institutional Research

Marisa Grippo, BA, MA
University Registrar

Roger Guevara, BA, MA, PhD
Director, Southwest-B Educational Renewal Zone

Amanda Hanson, MNSc, APRN, FNP-BC
Director, University Health Services

Kandice Herron, BGS, MEd
Associate Dean, Parent and Student Engagement

Sarah Jennings, BSBA, MEd
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

Jeffrey Jester, BSE
SAU System Chief of Police

John R. Jones, BA, MEd, EdD
Dean, College of Education and Human Performance

Edward Kardas, Jr., BA, MA, PhD
Director, Honors College

Stephanie Manning, BS, MEd, MPA
Director, Student Support Services

Sandra Martin, BS, MEd
Dean of Housing

Marcela McRae-Brunson, BBA
Director, Financial Aid

Caroline Neeley, BS, MEd
Director, Transitional Studies

Margarita Norment, BA, MEd
Director, Academic Advising and Assistance Center

Christine Pacheco, BPS, MS, PhD
Director, Institutional Research

Jennifer Rowsam, BS, MEd, PhD
Dean, Dempsey College of Liberal and Performing Arts

Anne Sands, BBA, MEd
Director, Career Services

Tammy Sims, AS, BBA, MPA
Manager, Human Resources

Robin Sronce, BA, MBA, PhD
Dean, David F. Rankin College of Business

Brad Stout, BA, MEd
Director, Student Affairs Facilities

Cledis Stuart, BS, MEd
Associate Dean, Multicultural Affairs and Diversity

DeAnna Tracy, BS, MEd
Director, Disability Support Services and Testing Center

Shelly Whaley, BS, MEd
Associate Dean and Executive Director, Communications and Marketing

Carla Williamson, BBA, MPA
Director, Upward Bound and Upward Bound II

Connie Wilson, BSE. MEd, EdD
Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Faculty

Almotairi, Majed, 2019 Assistant Professor of Information Systems

BEd, King Saud University; MS, University of East Anglia;
DSc, Towson University

Alroobi, Rami M., 2015 Associate Professor of Computer Science

BS, Islamic University; MS, University of Michigan;
PhD, North Dakota State University

Al-Shami, Ahmad, 2021 Associate Professor of Computer Science

BS, MS, City University of New York; PhD, Nottingham Trent University

Babbitt, Paul R., 2001 Chair, Department of History, Political Science, and Geography

Associate Professor of Political Science
AB, Haverford College; MA, PhD, Rutgers University

Berry, Katherine, 2021 Director of the Ed.D. Program

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
BSE, Ouachita Baptist University; MSE, Henderson State University;
EdD, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Bezawada, Bruhadeshwar, 2022 Assistant Professor of Computer Science

BE, Osmania University; MS, PhD, Michigan State University

Bloss, Kim K., 1997 Professor of Counselor Education

BS, MEd, Northern Arizona University;
PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Boumtje, Pierre I., 2002 Professor of Agriculture Economics

BS, MS, University of Center of Dschang; MS, PhD, University of Illinois

Boyd, Jamie, 2010 Director of Admissions, Field Experience and Licensure (AFEL)

Assistant Professor of Education
BSE, Southern Arkansas University; MS, Walden University

Casey, Cort, 2022 Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

BBA, University of Mississippi; MAT, University of West Alabama;
EdD, University of Memphis

Cheng, Hong, 2000 Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
BS, East China Normal University; PhD, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Cheng, Wen, 2022 Assistant Professor of Computer Science

BS, Beijing Institute of Technology; MS, Lehigh University;
PhD, North Dakota State University

Dingman, Steve, 1990 Chair, Department of Health, Kinesiology and Recreation

Director of the Kinesiology-Coaching Program
Instructor of Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation
BA, Peru State College; MEd, Southern Arkansas University

Dobbins, C. Neelie, 2010 Chair, Department of Teacher Education

Director of the MAT Program, Professor of Education
BA, MEd, University of Arkansas Little Rock; PhD, Walden University

Dong, Weiqiang, 2022 Assistant Professor of Computer Science

BS, South China University of Technology;
MS, PhD, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Faucett, Arien, 2021 Assistant Professor of Sports Management

BA, Millsaps College; MS, United States Sports Academy

Greathouse, Lynze, 2021 Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

BS, Arkansas Tech University, MEd, Southern Arkansas University,
Ed.D., University of the Cumberlands

Green, Kenneth, Jr. 2009 Professor of Management

BS, University of Monticello; MBA, DBA, Louisiana Tech University

Guevara, Roger, 2005 Director of Education Renewal Zone (ERZ)

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
BA, Texas Tech University; MA, University of Texas at San Antonio;
PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Hasanuzzaman, Md, 2022 Associate Professor of Computer Science

BSc, MSc, University of Dhaka; PhD, National Institute of Informatics

Hoang, Bao, 2021 Assistant Professor of Management

BP, Vietnam National University; MBA, University of Southern Mississippi

Horsman, Euchay, 2021 Associate Professor of Counselor Education

AAS, Northern Virginia Community College; BIS, George Mason University;
MS, University of Texas-Pan American; MSEd, University of Wisconsin-Stout;
PhD, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Hough, Christie B., 2011 Director of the MBA Program

Professor of Management
BBA, MBA, Mississippi State University; PhD, Jackson State University

Huang, Jingyang, 2014 Associate Professor of Human Performance and Sport Sciences

BA, Shanghai University of Sport; MS, East China Normal University;
MS, West Virginia University

Ivory, LaShonda, 2022 Assistant Professor of Education

BBA, University of Mississippi; MAT, Mississippi Valley State University;
EdS, Delta State University; EdD, University of Mississippi

Juma, Stephen, 2021 Assistant Professor of Marketing

BA, Loyola University; MA, University of Memphis

Kardas, Edward, Jr., 1980 Director of Honors College

Distinguished Professor of Psychology
BA, University of Baltimore; MA, PhD, Louisiana State University

Karim, Md Enamul, 2015 Director of the MCIS Program

Professor of Computer Science
BSc, MSc, University of Dhaka; MS, PhD, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Langerbein, Helmut, 2013 Professor of History

BA, University of California, Santa Barbara; MA, California State University, Northridge;
MA, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz

Logan, Jennifer, 2007 Professor of Economics

Director of the Center for Economic Education and Research
BBA, PhD, University of Oklahoma

Louden, Jennifer, 2014 Associate Professor of Teacher Education

BA, Colorado State University; BA, University of Northern Colorado;
MEd, Southern Arkansas University; EdD, Walden University

Mayo, Melody, 2022 Assistant Professor of Education

Director of College Counseling and Student Affairs
Director of Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education
BBA, MEd, Southern Arkansas University; EdD, Walden University

McLelland, Vanda, 2015 Assistant Professor of Library Media Science

Coordinator of Library Media and Information Science
Coordinator of Instructional Facilitator/Lead Teacher
BSE, MEd, Southern Arkansas University

McQuiston, James M., 2017 Assistant Professor of Political Science

BA, DePauw University; PhD, Kent State University

Mead, Esther, 2022 Assistant Professor of Computer Science

BA, BBA, MBA, University of Central Arkansas;
MS, PhD, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Moore, Copie, 2008 Chair, Department of Agriculture

Associate Professor of Agricultural Science
BS, MS, Stephen F. Austin State University; PhD, Texas A&M University

Neeley, D. Caroline, 2006 Director of Transitional Studies

Instructor of Mathematics
BS, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; MEd, Southern Arkansas University

Oden, Lisa, 2017 Associate Professor of Education

BS, MS, Southern Arkansas University; PhD, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Overholser, Amber, 2017 Director of the MPA Program

Associate Professor of History and Political Science
BS, Great Basin College; MS, Central Michigan; PhD, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Pearson, Sheila, 1979 Associate Professor of Information Systems

Coordinator for Virtual Internship
BSE, MEd, Southern Arkansas University; EdS, University of Louisiana at Monroe

Petty, Clinton, 2019 Assistant Professor of Education BA

Texas A&M University; MEd, Texas State University; PhD, University of North Texas

Pfannenstiel, Keith, 2020, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

BS, MS, Emporia State University; PhD, University of Northern Colorado

Plumlee, Gerald L., Jr., 1999 Associate Dean, David F. Rankin College of Business

Chair, Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems
Chair, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
Director of Accreditation for the Rankin College of Business
Associate Professor of Management
BBA, MBA, University of Central Arkansas; Ed.D., University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Samples, Jessica, 2019 Interim Chair, Department of Counseling and Professional Studies

Assistant Professor of Education
BS, MEd, Southern Arkansas University; PhD, Walden University

Schroeder, Shannin, 1999 Professor of English

Director of the Writing Center
BA, MA, Truman State University; PhD, Northern Illinois University

Stanford, Angela, 2014 Associate Director of the Ed.D. Program

Associate Professor of Education
BSE, MEd, Southern Arkansas University; EdS, PhD, Liberty University

Toms, Suzy, 2016 Instructor of School Counseling

BSE, Southern Arkansas University; MS, Louisiana Tech University

Valenzuela, Eric, 2020 Assistant Professor of Finance

BSc, MBA, University of Texas of the Permian Basin; PhD, Texas Tech University

Warrick, Shane, 2002 Professor of Accounting

BBA, Southern Arkansas University; MBA, University of Arkansas at Little Rock;
CPA, PhD, Jackson State University

White, George, 2010 Associate Professor of Human Performance and Sport Sciences

BS, MEd, University of Louisiana, Monroe; EEd, University of Arkansas

White, Scott R., 2000 Associate Professor of Chemistry

BS, Harding University; MS, PhD, Purdue University

Wilson, Connie, 2016 Dean, School of Graduate Studies,

Associate Professor of Education
BSE, MEd, Southern Arkansas University; EdD, Louisiana Tech University

Wilson, Deborah, 2003 Professor of Psychology

BA, Arkansas Tech University; MS, University of Central Arkansas;
PhD, Walden University

Wise, Timothy D., 1993 Professor of Management, Marketing, and Information Systems

BA, MA, MBA, DBA, Louisiana Tech University

University Staff

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Sarah Adcox
Cristal Ainsworth
Anthony Alford
Donna Allen
Damon Almand
Amanda Anderson
Gary Archer
Michael Argo
Christina Arnold
Arvia Askew
Phyllis Austin
William Austin
James Avery
Eric Bailey
Carey Baker
Bethany Barber
Rebekah Barnes
Rhonda Basinger
Haley Bell
Je’Len Berry
Sharee Berry
Kelsey Betthauser
Eric Binkley
Cynthia Blake
Jill Bond
Christopher Boswell
Neriah Brown
Sydney Brown
Steve Browning
Miranda Bryan
Laurie Burks
Rebecca Butler
Jacob Caples
Kathy Carrothers
Cameron Carter
Molly Carter
Shelley Cassidy
Bryan Christenson
Britta Clark
Ethan Clark
Sonja Collier
Angela Collins
Halee Colvin
John Colvin
Brook Conley
Keisha Crisp
Nazaree Critten
Arvie Crudup
Deidra Curry
Kizmet Davis
La’Tricia Davis
Tanya Dean
Trevor DeLoney
Lynn Disotell
Lacey Dodson
Lauren Dodson
Delton Duke
Victor Duke
Sheryl Edwards
Shanara Ellis
Bart Emerson
Jennifer England
Vilma Espinoza
Stephen Featherston
Karen Ferneding
Charles Finney
Michael Flowers
Charles Franks
Jennifer Freeman
Scott Freeman
Ashley Frizzelle
Kathryn Gean
Roger Giles
Keyana Gilliam
Rachel Gillespie
Drew Glover
Cheryl Goodheart
Brandon Goodner
John Gore
Olivia Graham
David Gray
Andrew Graydon
Jessica Greaves
Chet Green
Cynthia Grimes
Daniel Grimmett
Marisa Grippo
Sandra Grissom
Tyler Haba
Carley Hale
Derek Hall
Whitney Hall
Destiny Hardwell
Chelsea Harger
Lacey Harris
Jeanne Haltom
Makenzi Hamilton
Joseph Haney
Susan Hanson
Bryce Harman
Ka’Terrious Harris
Lacey Harris
Michael Harwell
William Hayes
Kathryn Head-Davis
Katie Heese
Kenneth Henry
Brad Herman
Kandice Herron
Gary Hickson
Stacey Hickson
Remington Hilburn
Ryan Hudgens
Tyler Hunter
John Impson
Mary Iverson
Catelyn Janda
Josh Jenkins
Rachel Jenkins
Sarah Jennings
Emily Jester
Jeffrey Jester
Talia Jett
Edgar Johnson
LeShan Johnson
Miguel Johnson
Sylvia Johnson
Jackson Jones
Jhad Jones
Amanda Jordan
Rasheeda Joshua
Joey Kaar
Josh Kee
Kristen Keith
Jessica Kelley
Rita Kelley
Keith Labit
Leigh Labit
Melanie Lamb
T.J. Langley
David Lanoue
Brian Lee
Brittany Lenard
Anne Lewis
Colton Lindsey
Shrijana Malakar
Stephanie Manning
Jay Marlar
Sandra Martin
Jeri Martindale
Donna McCloy
Jackson McCurdy
Matthew McDonald
T’Kobe McDonald
Angela McLaughlin
C. Bret McMahen
Marcela McRae-Brunson
Lindsey McWilliams
Kelly Merrell
Samuel Meyers
William Minmier
Julie Misenheimer
Essie Moore
Michala Moore
Verna Moore
Brooke Morden
Erica Morgan
Deborah Morris
Peggy Morris
Janell Morton
Vicki Mullins
Deshazma Murphy
Robert Nash
Kyle Newton
Margarita Norment
Florence Nunn
Alli O’Banion
Lindsey O’Neal
Wendy Ousley
Greg Owen
Patricia Owen
Christine Pacheco
Emily Palermo
Sarena Peace
Gale Perry
Christopher Peterson
Joannie Phelps
Clint Phillips
Margrethe Pierson
Gerald Pitts
Daniel Pletcher
Shelly Pletcher
Amy Plummer
Kimberly Prater
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Logan Quinn
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Steve Shipman
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Tammy Sims
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Micah Williams
Kerri Williams-Morehead
Carla Williamson
Cori Willis
Marjorie Wilson
Michael Wilson
Roseline Witcher-Ybarra
Amy Womack
Marianne Woodard
Ty Woodson

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Emeriti

Adams, Randall Henry, 1974-2008, Professor Emeritus of Agriculture

Ashby, David, 1992-2015, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Finance

Bates, Joe Alvin, 1965-2003, Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Belmont, Anthony Michael, Jr., 1965-1996, Professor Emeritus of English

Blanchard, Louis Johnson, 1956-1998, Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Boaz, Ralph Scott, 1963-1993, Professor of Economics and Finance Emeritus

Brinson, Harold T., 1976-1993, President Emeritus, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Education

Brown, Kathryn Smith, 1945-1997, Professor Emerita of Kinesiology

Callaway, Leland, 1963-1990, 1997, Professor Emeritus of Office Administrative Services

Campbell, Robert Gordon, 1952-1987, Professor Emeritus of Music

Cole, R. H. “Bob” Jr., 1963-1991, Administrator Emeritus of Business Affairs

Dodson, B C, 1961-1987, Dean Emeritus, College of Science and Technology

Eichenberger, Rudolph J. 1982-2007, Professor Emeritus of Physics

Eichenberger, Sharon M., 1984-2002, Director Emerita of Development

England, Daniel Ray, 1972-1999, Professor Emeritus of Biology

Flemister, Ida Morris, 1966-1988, Professor Emerita of Psychology

Haefner, Donald Andrew, 1967-1997, Vice President Emeritus for Student Affairs

Harton, Margaret Elizabeth, 1945-1975, Professor Emerita of Speech

Mallory, Kathleen Jordan, 1974-2010, Associate Professor Emerita of English

Nelson, Donald R. 1988-2012, Professor Emeritus of Education

Peace, Alvarene Green, 1965-1993, Associate Professor Emerita of Economics and Finance

Rankin, David F., 1968-2015, President Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of Finance and Economics

Rasmussen, James. 1991-2012, Professor Emeritus of Biology

Robison, Henry Welborn, 1971-2008, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology

Sixbey, David Harold, 1968-1998, Professor Emeritus of History

Souter, Gisèle Edith, 1975-1995, Associate Professor Emerita of Foreign Languages

Thomas, Ann Keese, 1966-1993, Professor Emerita of Psychology and Counselor Education

Tollett, James T., 1990-2009, Professor Emeritus of Agriculture

Trexler, Anna Ruth, 1963-2010, Professor Emerita of Management and Business Communications

Walz, Robert B., 1958 -1987, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History

White, Gayle Webb, 1966-2010, Turner Professor Emerita of Management, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Management

Williams, Patsy Joyce, 1968-1995, Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing

Willis, James, 1969-2013, Historian Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of History and Political Science

Distinguished Professors

Brinson, Harold T., 1976-1995, President and Distinguished Professor of Education, AA, BEd, MEd, PhD

Davis, Elizabeth, 1981-2011, Distinguished Professor of English and Chair, Department of English and Foreign Languages, BA, BM, MA, Ed.D.

Johnson, Ben F., III, 2001 John G. Ragsdale, Jr. and Dora J. Ragsdale Professor of Arkansas Studies, Distinguished Professor of History, and member of the School of Graduate Studies faculty, BA, MS, MS, PhD

Kardas, Edward, Jr., 1980, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Director of the Honors College, and member of the School of Graduate Studies faculty, BA, MS, PhD

Robison, Henry Welborn, 1971-2008, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biology, BS, MS, PhD

Sixbey, George, 1963-1976, Distinguished Professor of English and Chair, Division of Humanities, BA, MA, PhD

Stinson, Terrye, 1980 Distinguished Professor of Accounting, L.J. Blanchard Professor of Accounting, and member of the School of Graduate Studies faculty, BBA, MBA, DBA, CPA

White, Gayle Webb, 1966-2010, Distinguished Professor of Management and Turner Professor of Management, BSE, MBE, EdD

Chief Administrators

David H. Burleson: January-June 1911

Harper K. Sanders: 1911-1913

William S. Johnson: 1913-1914

Elbert E. Austin: 1914-1921

Charles A. Overstreet: 1921-1945

Charles S. Wilkins: 1945-1950

Dolph Camp: 1950-1959

Imon E. Bruce: 1959-1976

Harold T. Brinson: 1976-1991

Steven G. Gamble: 1992-2001

David F. Rankin: 2002-2015

Trey C. Berry: 2015-Present