2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
    May 28, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Division is designed to provide experiences, activities, and services to assist SAU students in performing at the maximum level. Included in this division are the services of orientation, admissions and records, housing and dining services, counseling and testing, disability support services, health services, student employment, career planning, multicultural services, student activities, Upward Bound, student support services, communications center, international students, talent search, ADAPT, student life and University Police Department. These services are under the direction of the vice president for student affairs.

The Student Affairs Committee, composed of students, faculty, and staff, is considered the major governing body in making, advising, and recommending major non-academic policies pertaining to student life at Southern Arkansas University.

Campus Housing

SAU has men’s, women’s, and co-ed residence halls as well as the University Village and University Court Apartments. Students should contact the Office of Housing for information by calling (870) 235-4047.

Housing Regulations

Students at SAU are under both University regulations and housing regulations. University regulations provide that all full-time enrolled single undergraduate students must live in one of the University residence halls or with their parents. However, single undergraduate students 21 years or older, undergraduates with 60 or more hours, or veterans with two years of active-duty service may live in housing of their own selection. Married students and part-time students who are employed full time in the community may select housing that meets their particular needs without application or special arrangements. Attendance at the University is contingent upon compliance with these regulations. Any exception to these policies must be determined through a personal conference with the Dean of University Housing.

Residence Halls and Apartment Complexes

Arkansas Hall is a freshman-only residence hall that was opened in August of 2019 and provides 128 bed spaces for men and women. This residence hall is the home of freshmen who have a 19 or higher on the ACT or a 3.00 or higher GPA. Arkansas houses SAU’s Leadership College that focuses on the students’ academic and personal success through leadership development. Arkansas Hall has kitchenettes on every floor, along with several semi-private bathrooms that give extra privacy to our residents.

Burns-Harsh Hall is a freshman-only residence hall that was opened in August 2017 providing 92 bed spaces for men and women. This one level, completely air-conditioned hall has a study, classroom, and kitchenette. The Living Learning Community associated with Burns-Harsh Hall is Leadership College.

Bussey Hall is a three-story facility, is air-conditioned and provides 100 rooms for women. Television room and computer labs are located in the main lobby. Each floor has two laundry rooms, two bathrooms with showers and tubs. The second and third floors also feature kitchenettes for student use. The Residential Interest Group housed in Bussey is First Year Experience and several women’s athletic teams.

Columbia Hall is a freshman-only residence hall that was opened in August of 2016 and provides 128 bed spaces for men and women. This residence hall is the home of freshmen who have a 22 or higher on the ACT or a 3.25 or higher GPA. Columbia houses SAU’s Residential College that focuses on the students’ academic and personal success through leadership development and service learning. Columbia Hall has kitchenettes on every floor, along with several semi-private bathrooms that give extra privacy to our residents.

Eichenberger Hall opened in August 2017 and provides 50 bed spaces for men and women. Eichenberger Hall is the place for students whose academic focus is science and engineering. The Living Learning Communities that are associated with Eichenberger Hall are Tomorrow’s Engineers and Life Support. Amenities include study rooms, classrooms, and kitchenettes.

Fincher Hall provides 45 suite-style rooms for men and women of the Mulerider Band. The hall has a computer lab, classroom, commons on the first floor, and lounges on each floor. Practice rooms are also available within the building.

Greene Hall provides 105 rooms for men and women. The hall has a computer lab, vending, and laundry room. Bathrooms are located on each floor. Residential Interest Groups living in Greene include Greene Light Art, First Year Experience, and baseball.

Harrod Hall, providing 99 private rooms for men and women, has a glassed-in lobby that faces a covered outdoor entertainment area. A TV lounge and vending area is located on the first floor. Each floor has a laundry room, bathrooms.

Honors Hall, located at the north end of the campus, provides 92 rooms for men and women. The completely air-conditioned hall has a computer lab, classroom, and commons on the first floor and lounges on each floor. Each room is equipped with lavatories, study desks, closets, and chest of drawers. Honors North has suite-style room arrangement and houses the Honors College. Honors South houses the video gaming interest group.

Magnolia Hall is a new residence hall that was opened in October 2016 providing 128 bed spaces for men and women. This residence hall is the home of upperclassmen with 30 or more credit hours. The Living Learning Communities that are associated with Magnolia Hall are SOAR and Studiers Unite. Magnolia Hall has kitchenettes on every floor along with several semi-private bathrooms that give extra privacy to our residents.

Mulerider Pointe Apartments are available to juniors, seniors, and graduate students, as well as SAU+VISTA. Mulerider Pointe Apartments has 16 two-bedroom and 8 one-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has fully furnished bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. Each bedroom contains two twin size beds, a chest of drawers, and a closet. The kitchen features an electric range/oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. A laundry room and swimming pool are located on the grounds.

Talbot Hall provides 96 rooms for men. Computer lab, vending and laundry room surround the main lobby. The three-story building is completely air-conditioned. Bathrooms and small lounges are located on each floor. Talbot Hall houses the football team, Health and Fitness as well as First Year Experience.

Talley Hall is a three-story building, is completely air-conditioned, and provides 96 rooms for men and women. Computer lab, vending, and laundry room surround the main lobby. Bathrooms are located on each floor. Talley is home to the Agriculture, Education, and the Agriculture Business interest groups.

University Hall offers two-bedroom, suite-style units. Each unit is complete with wall-to-wall furnishings with living room, bathroom, and kitchenette accommodations. Additional lifestyle accommodations as a part of the University Village complex include Panda Express, a clubhouse, pool, laundry facility, student lounge, computer lab, and meeting areas. University Hall houses the Helping Hands, SOAR, and RCBiz residential interest groups.

University Village Apartments are available to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. University Village has 36 two-bedroom, one-bath and 48 four-bedroom, two-bath apartments. Each apartment has fully furnished bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. Each bedroom has a full-size bed, study desk and chair, chest of drawers, and closet. The kitchen features an electric range/oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The Village Clubhouse provides a laundry room, student lounge, and swimming pool.

University Court Apartments are available to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. There are 18 furnished two-bedroom, one bath units available year-round. The laundry room is in a common area.

University Services

University Health Service

The University Health Service is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some of the services provided include emergency or first aid treatment, blood pressure checks, allergy injections, general health evaluation, and doctor’s appointments. Most of the services are free to all students. If an emergency arises after clinic hours, students should notify the resident assistant on duty in their residence hall.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a federally funded program designed to assist qualified students in completing their post-secondary educational goals. The Student Support Services project provides assistance and support tailored to the individual needs of each participant. Academic counseling, improvement of study skills, tutoring, and improvement of basic skills are emphasized. Interested students should contact the Student Support Service staff at (870) 235-5113.

Tutoring Center

Free tutorial services are offered in the Academic Enrichment Center (Tutoring Center). Students experiencing difficulty in course work are assisted by peer-tutors under the direction of the tutor coordinator. The center is open during the fall and spring semesters from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 9:00 am to noon on Friday. The center is located on the first floor of Magale Library. Online tutoring is available 24/7 and can be accessed through Blackboard. For additional information contact the Academic Enrichment Center at (870) 235-4385.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers assistance free of charge to writers in any discipline at any stage of the writing process. The center is staffed by trained student writing consultants who are supervised by an English faculty member. It is open Sunday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters and is located downstairs in the Magale Library. For more information contact the SAU Writing Center at (870) 235-4381 or visit the website at www.saumag.edu/writingcenter.


The University has one student publication produced entirely by students. The Bray is the campus news source and is published online with one printed edition each fall and spring. This publication offers students opportunities for professional practice and some paying jobs. All students are eligible to apply for positions on the staff of The Bray.

The Mulerider, SAU’s yearbook, is a publication produced by University Communications and Marketing. The yearbook serves as a historic record of each year’s events. It includes event photos, student, faculty, and staff photos, as well as stories about the people and things that defined the school year.

The Stater is the University’s magazine for alumni and friends. Published twice each year, the magazine is distributed to more than 20,000 people around the world. It includes special interest stories, University news, student and faculty spotlights, and class news. Content from The Stater may also be found online at www.saustater.com.

SAB (Student Activities Board)

The Student Activities Board has the responsibility for planning and implementing activities for SAU students. Events include movies, dances, concerts, comedians, and noontime programs featuring touring artists as well as talented SAU students. Applications for membership to the SAB are available in the Office of Student Activities, located in the Donald W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center; the phone number is (870) 235-4925.

Sports Activities

Sports activities are organized in a comprehensive program for individual and group participation and competition. Intramural activities for men and women, as well as co-educational activities, are sponsored throughout the University year. Competition is held in badminton, basketball, table tennis, softball, swimming, tennis, touch football, track and field, volleyball, and water basketball.

Men’s varsity teams compete in the NCAA Division II Great American Conference in baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, tennis, and track and field.

Women students also compete in the NCAA Division II Great American Conference and have varsity teams in basketball, cross-country, softball, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and golf.

Men’s and women’s rodeo teams participate in regional and intercollegiate competition.

Intramural Sports

The SAU Department of Intramural Sports endeavors to meet a wide range of student needs in recreation and sports activities. The intramural program offers students the opportunity to participate in intramural events, intramural competitions, and the newly developed Club Sports Program for those who have interests in particular areas.

The program’s primary purpose is to benefit and enrich students in their college experience by improving physical and mental fitness, promoting development of interests and lifetime skills in a variety of activities, offering a socially enriching way of spending leisure time, providing an opportunity for socialization, emphasizing ethics, and helping students gain positive recognition.

The intramural program offers several employment opportunities for students that allows them to gain hands-on experience in officiating and in organizing several team and individualized sports. The program works hand-in-hand with the Mulerider Activities Center (MAC) to develop a student’s interests.

Counseling Center

The Southern Arkansas University Counseling Center plays an active role in promoting student wellness, responsible decision making, and the destigmatization of mental health conditions by providing education and clinical services within the SAU community. Each counselor is a licensed mental health provider in the state of Arkansas.

Actively collaboration in counseling enhances the opportunities of individuals to accomplish their goals and improve overall satisfaction with life. These services are free, confidential, and available year-round for all students, faculty, and staff. The Counseling Center offers individual and group sessions, as well as workshops and psychoeducational programs. Areas of focus may include personal, emotional, relational, or academic concerns.

Individuals are seen primarily by appointment: however, walk-ins may be available. Individuals in crisis are seen as soon as possible. The Counseling Center is located in Reynolds Center, Suite 218 and may be reached at (870) 235-4911. For weekend and after-hours emergencies, please call 911 or University Police at (870) 235-4100.

The Office of Testing and Disability Services

The SAU Office of Testing and Disability Services is a national testing center, which administers tests for scholarships, credit by examination, graduate and professional schools, and teacher certification.

The Testing Center administers the following computer-based tests: ACCUPLACER, CLEP, Comprehensive Preparation Exam (CPCE), DSST, Miller Analogy (MAT), PRAXIS, PSI tests, TEAS, and TOEFL. The center also administers the ACT on all national dates as well as the ACT Residual.

In addition, the center proctors online exams for the institution and other universities.

The Testing Center is located in Donald W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center, room 216, and may be reached by calling (870) 235-4145.

Disability Support Services

It is the policy of SAU to accommodate students with disabilities, including, but not limited to, physical, sensory, learning, psychiatric and medical disabilities, pursuant to federal and state laws. Academic adjustments and auxiliary aids are provided to students with disabilities. If assistance is needed because of a disability, contact the Office of Disability Support Services, at (870) 235-4145. Early contact with the office will provide for a smoother transition in obtaining services.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Grievance Procedure

Southern Arkansas University has adopted an internal grievance procedure providing for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any action prohibited by the U.S. Department of Justice regulations implementing Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Title II states, in part, that “no otherwise qualified disabled individual shall, solely by reason of such disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits for, or be subjected to discrimination” in programs or activities sponsored by a public entity.

Complaints should be addressed to:

ADA Compliance Coordinator
Office of Testing and Disability Services
100 E. University
MSC 9371
Magnolia, AR 71753
(870) 235-4145

  1. A complaint should be filed in writing, contain the name and address of the person filing it, and briefly describe the alleged violation of the regulations.
  2. A complaint should be filed within five days after the complainant becomes aware of the alleged violation.
  3. A preliminary investigation of the complaint to determine if evidence exists that warrants further inquiry shall be made by the ADA compliance coordinator who shall then refer the complaint to the appropriate vice president for further investigation. This process provides for informal but thorough investigations affording all interested persons and their representatives, if any, an opportunity to submit evidence relevant to the complaint.
  4. A written determination of the validity of the complaint and a description of the resolution, if any, shall be issued by the ADA coordinator and a copy forwarded to the complainant no later than 15 days after its filing.
  5. Files and records related to the complaints filed shall be maintained by the ADA coordinator.
  6. A reconsideration of the case may be requested by the complainant in instances where he or she is dissatisfied with the resolution. The request for reconsideration should be made within 10 days to the Faculty-Staff Appeals and Human Rights Committee who will report its findings to the president. The decision of the president will be the final University action on all grievances.

This entire process shall be constituted to protect the substantive rights of interested persons to meet appropriate due process standards and to assure that Southern Arkansas University complies with the ADA in implementing regulations.


ADAPT (the SAU Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team) operates a program promoting the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. This program provides many activities and awareness programs to facilitate its purpose. The program can be reached by calling (870) 235-4925 or contacting the Office of Student Activities in the Reynolds Center.

Office of Multicultural Student Services

Southern Arkansas University is committed to providing opportunities for students from all backgrounds by developing and utilizing the talents of an increasingly diverse population. The University’s mission is to prepare students to live and work in a new environment and, in so doing, strengthen both the fabric of our society and our connections with each other. Activities of the Office of Multicultural Student Services include coordinating campus-wide efforts to increase the retention and graduation rates of minority students by stressing the importance of adequate academic preparation for college; providing a nurturing environment on the campus; informing about financial aid opportunities; offering personal support and advocacy programs and services; providing and promoting multicultural programs focusing on awareness and appreciation of the history of minority groups; and providing advice, counseling, and encouragement for individuals and groups. The office also assists faculty, staff, and students with securing multicultural programs and resources and with academic and support strategies that will help minority students to adjust.

Project Pal

Project Pal is a campus mentor program consisting of student mentors who serve as friends, advisors, coaches, and role models to African American beginning freshmen and transfer students. For more information contact the associate dean in the Office of Multicultural Services and Diversity or call (870) 235-4046.

Career Services

SAU students and alumni are assisted in their job searches by Career Services. Students visiting Career Services receive assistance with the preparation of résumés and employment application cover letters. Job interviews are scheduled for seniors, and notices of job opportunities are posted on campus bulletin boards and on the Career Services’ website.

During the spring semester, the Career Services sponsors a general career day with businesses, industries, government agencies, and graduate schools, and an education fair with area school districts.

Career Services is located in Donald W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center, room 202, and may be reached by calling (870) 235-4097.

Career Counseling

The SAU career planning program is designed to help students identify traits, pinpoint interests, and clarify values related to their interests and career goals. Vocational assessments, self-administered and/or computer-based, assist in discovering possible career paths.